How to start a hosted blog.

I wanted to tell a story. A story that changed my life. I thought it would be awesome to share my story in a blog. When I started I really had no idea where and how the parts of current technology fit. I am not tech shy but I have not tried this before so I was uneducated in the process. What I found was there is nothing to be afraid of and it was so easy. My first blog was up and running in 30 minutes. Wow, I could not belief the simplicity and the entire process. You too can benefit from these easy steps.

Why a hosted blog?

Yes you can find free services to host your blog, however you must play by their rules and when the rules change it may not allow you the rights to keep using the free service to accomplish you goals. The answer is to get your own domain and hosting here from Server Hosting Domains. Start with a domain name search.


How to host a blog in 10 easy steps.

1) Go to SERVER hosting domains Click Here. Hosting starting at just $2.49 per month. serverhostingdomains

2) Search for a name for your hosted blog, by using the DOMAIN NAMES drop down and selecting Register Domains. Be sure to use a descriptive name that will tell the world what you blog is all about.

3) Open an account with SERVER hosting domains at www.SERVERhostingdomains.com